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Service With SIS: Home 4 The World

Just days ago, alongside the opening of our Fall 2023 semester, we opened the door once again to our Home4theWorld students. Coming from various countries all around the globe, these students attend our classes with a common goal: learning the Italian language. This is one of the keys to a successful integration into Italian society and for these young students, learning it can help ease many of the challenges they face on a daily basis.

With Home4theWorld, our priority is transforming not only how well our students speak compared to the first time we shook their hands, but also their understanding of the new world around them. Their journey does not end on our doorstep, it’s merely a stepping stone symbolizing growth, dignity, and most importantly, curiosity. Being an “Intercultural mediator” is one of the most valuable skills all of our students will forever carry with them; breaking down the barriers to its accessibility is the first step in maintaining a healthy community where all are welcome. Therefore, it is with this mission that we reopen our doors and welcome the community to another semester at SIS Intercultural Study Abroad.

SIS collaborates with The Nuova Associazione Culturale Ulisse to provide cultural and logistic support as well as Italian language courses for foreigners in Siena.

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