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More Opportunities With SIS

There are so many ways to collaborate with SIS

SIS prides itself on being flexible enough to take on any challenge and to meet the needs of any group or individual that wants to experience intercultural immersion.  Take a look at all of the opportunities to collaborate with us.  If you don’t quite see what you’re looking for, write to us at!

European Students

SIS Intercultural Study Abroad is dedicated to creating formative intercultural experiences.  Diversity is the cornerstone of intercultural education and the staff and faculty at SIS recognize the uniqueness of European diversity.  We see Europe as a tremendous resource and for that reason we offer a number of opportunities for European students and institutions.

Canadian Students

SIS Intercultural Study Abroad has developed a series of opportunities for language study, service and internship programs for Canadian students enrolled in Canadian universities — which are tailored to the academic year and requirements of Canadian universities. These programs vary in duration and type, but are all offered from May – July. Students can therefore enroll in a Maymester or a 4, 6, or 8 week program.

Graduate Course Opportunities

Students who have completed their university studies at the Bachelor level and who are undertaking a graduate degree in Italian Studies or Second Language Acquisition can apply to study with SIS in Siena, Italy to experience SIS’s approach to intercultural study abroad at the graduate studies level.  SIS offers a small selection of graduate courses for both the summer terms and each semester on request.

Additionally, SIS organizes a Hands On Teacher Training Program each summer specifically designed for students entering the first or second year of a graduate degree in Italian studies, TESOL, Applied Linguistics, Education or similar field.

Opportunities for High Schools

SIS Intercultural Study Abroad is dedicated to creating formative intercultural experiences.  While many of our students come to us individually from universities, we are happy to arrange short-term study abroad experiences for accompanied high-school or secondary school groups. These study trips can be tailored to the group’s needs, and, at the time being, can take place either in Siena, Italy or Brussels, Belgium.

Continued Education – Experiences for Alumni and Adults

We at SIS Intercultural Study Abroad have created these experiences specifically for our alumni and their families and/or friends.  We want to you to come back to Siena and re-live your SIS study abroad experience with us as well as gain a new perspective on Siena, SIS, and on how your lives have evolved.

At SIS we have never been interested in tourism, and while these offerings are intended to be relaxing vacations, our goals still remain to educate and expand the horizons of everyone with whom we work.  For this reason, we are working to create a number of educational activities and we will also ask you to write a few reflections on your new experience, both at the beginning and end of the trip.

Visiting Parents, Relatives and Friends

Do you know someone planning to study with SIS?  Would you like to visit them during their semester abroad?  Let SIS Intercultural Study Abroad help you with anything from choosing the best dates, making reservations, joining students in immersive activities and more!