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Summer Immersion Opportunities for Canadian Students 


SIS Intercultural Study Abroad has developed a series of opportunities for language study, service and internship programs for Canadian students enrolled in Canadian universities — which are tailored to the academic year and requirements of Canadian universities. These programs vary in duration and type, but are all offered from May – July. Students can therefore enroll in a Maymester or a 4, 6, or 8 week program.  

Students have the opportunity to take advantage of two of our locations for short term learning experiences. In Siena, students (even beginners) can deepen their knowledge of Italian Language and culture, while for students with an intermediate or advanced language proficiency there are a series of possible internships available in the pharmaceutical and natural sciences fields. On the other hand, if students are more interested in getting to know Europe and its institutions from the inside, there are also a series of internship opportunities in Brussels, Belgium. For internships carried out in the English language students can select from one of our internship partners listed here, while there are also additional opportunities for French speaking students. At the moment many of our internship sites in Brussels tend to be geared for students in the social sciences, though for driven and qualified students there is a  possibility to expand into other areas. Please note that all internship partners review independently each student application, and may have their own requirements and duration. Many sites both in Italy and Belgium prefer students for longer periods of time where possible, and may require a fee or the purchase of an additional insurance policy. 

SIS is also open to developing custom programs for the needs of specific Canadian university programs or departments. 

All students will enroll through the SIS Representative in Canada, Patrick Hurley, who will assist students in finding their ideal program and with pre-departure information.

To request initial details on programs, dates and internship possibilities please contact, specifying your home university in Canada.