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Semester Programs

SIS Semester Programs

Semester programs are the flagship experiences of SIS Intercultural Study Abroad.  Since 2004, SIS has meticulously developed immersive and impactful semester experiences available for all types of students.  As a leader in immersive study abroad programs, SIS is constantly looking towards the horizon for new and innovative ways help students along their path to global citizenship.

SIS currently offers full-credit semester programs in three different locations as well as a unique multi-destination semester.

Siena, Italy Semester Programs

A semester in Siena, Italy is the best way to fully immerse yourself in Italian culture and understand the true meaning of intercultural study abroad.  During a semester in Siena with SIS Intercultural Study Abroad, students expand their worldview and experience one of Europe’s most unique cultures.

Brussels, Belgium Semester Programs

There is probably no better place in Europe for a true intercultural study abroad experience than Brussels.  Belgium, as a nation, is in fact a shining example of multicultural cooperation with its three official languages – French, Dutch and German – spoken by three different communities.

Yaoundé, Cameroon Semester Programs

Yaoundé one of the best possible destinations for an intercultural study abroad experience in Africa.  Cameroon lies at the junction of western and central Africa and it is often known as “Africa in miniature” because of its geographical and cultural diversity.

Siena-Brussels Multi-Destination Semester Programs

SIS Intercultural Study Abroad’s Siena-Brussels Multi Destination Internship program allows students to gain a deep and lasting understanding of Europe’s diverse social, linguistic and cultural realities and identities.  Studetns spend a meaningful amount of time first in Siena and then in Brussels.  This is a 15 week program, with the added possibility to extend the internship portion of the semester in Brussels.