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Summer Programs

SIS Summer Programs

Experience the wonders of Europe this summer with SIS Intercultural Study Abroad. Immerse yourself in a captivating tapestry of cultures, languages, and histories as you explore the vibrant cities and awe-inspiring landscapes of the continent. Expand your global perspective and broaden your horizons by engaging with fellow students from diverse backgrounds, fostering lifelong friendships and invaluable connections. Whether you’re witnessing the exhilarating Palio horse race in Siena, Italy or delving deep into Europe’s intricate diversity in Brussels, SIS Intercultural Study Abroad offers unparalleled educational opportunities that will profoundly shape your academic and personal growth. Step outside your comfort zone, embark on a transformative journey, and make this summer an extraordinary chapter in your academic career with SIS Intercultural Study Abroad in Europe.

SIS currently offers summer programs with credits in Siena, Italy and Brussels, Belgium

Siena, Italy Summer Programs

Experience the vibrant spirit of Siena, Italy with SIS Intercultural Study Abroad. Witness the thrilling Palio horse race, live with host families, engage in local service projects, and earn university credits. Join us for a unique and unforgettable summer in Siena.

Brussels, Belgium Summer Programs

There is probably no better place in Europe for a true intercultural study abroad experience than Brussels.  Belgium, as a nation, is in fact a shining example of multicultural cooperation with its three official languages – French, Dutch and German – spoken by three different communities.