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EU Projects

European Projects, Collaborations, and Partnerships

SIS staff and faculty fully believe in the importance of active participation, engagement, and collaboration with the European Union and its member states.  With this in mind, the SIS team is dedicated to the constant research and development of projects and collaborations with other European organizations and partners.  Here are some of the the  details regarding projects to which SIS is currently a contributor.

Our teacher and collaborator, Fiora Biagi, participated as a facilitator in the international training for the Erasmus Plus KeyCode Project, held at the University of Siena (6-10 September 2021). Colleagues from France, Greece and Romania, together with prof. Viviani and other educators, exchanged experiences and good practices about Human Rights Education, emotional intelligence and empathy.

TOGETHER: Innovative European Learning Path to facilitate the Access of Refugees to HE

A set of Guidelines addressed to Higher education staff resulting in the improvement of their capacity of planning and implementing strategies for the integration of refugees.


INCreEAse: Intercultural Competence for Adult Educators Working with Multicultural and Multilingual Learners

The project aims to strengthen ICC of adult educators working in various formal & non-formal educational settings in order to help them to overcome the challenges arising from their everyday work with multicultural & multilingual learner populations.



DiCE.Lang: Digital Citizenship Education and Foreign Language Learning

The project is a transnational European project aiming to strengthen the profile of Digital Citizenship Education vis-à- vis Foreign Language Education. Digital Citizenship Education (DCE) has emerged as a supranational priority, as has been strongly affirmed through recommendations issued by the Council of Europe.