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– How do I apply?

It’s easy!  Click to access the application information and material

– How will my credits transfer? 

Once the program ends, SIS will send out a transcript to your home university with your grades from each class. 

Depending on agreements with your home university, credits can transfer in several ways:

  1. Direct transfer that also has an impact on your GPA 
  2. Pass/Fail credits that do not impact your GPA

For specific questions about your university agreement with SIS, please contact us at:


– Can I apply my financial aid? 

In most cases, students studying with SIS are able to apply their financial aid packages. In some cases, students will need to verify that SIS is approved by their study abroad office in order to apply their financial aid. Each case is unique, so we suggest you contact your study abroad office for details! SIS can also accommodate students with a payment plan if needed. 


– Does SIS offer scholarships? 

SIS does not offer scholarships directly, but does work very closely with a Non-Profit scholarship organization, the Foundation for Intercultural Exchange (, which promotes and supports access to education abroad opportunities for all students through grants and scholarships, to expand the service-learning pedagogy in study abroad settings, as well as to further research and scholarship in the fields of linguistics and intercultural competence development.


– What should I Pack? 

Packing depends on what term you’re studying abroad, but some general tips apply year-round: 

  • comfortable walking shoes
  • bathing suit
  • any personal hygiene products you can’t live without (all typical personal hygiene products are easily available in stores here in Siena, but just not necessarily the brands you may be used to)


September and October are usually beautiful, warm months, while November and December can be chilly and rainy – bring a warm coat that is good for walking in the cold and rain. 


January and February are cold – bring a warm coat that is good for walking in the cold and rain. The spring months alternate both warm and sunny with cool and rainy, so dressing in layers and being ready for all kinds of weather is important. April and May are generally very pleasant. 


Summers in Italy are generally hot, so cool clothing is a must. Most homes in Italy do not have air conditioning. Rainstorms can come and go unexpectedly, so a light jacket or umbrella is good to always have on hand. 


– Do I need to know Italian or French before studying abroad?

No! In fact, beginners are more than welcome on SIS programs! The intensive language programs in Siena (both for Italian and French) will prepare you for daily life abroad. 


– Do you have a semester calendar available online?

No, there are no detailed semester calendars available online. Accepted students receive more detailed information during the pre-departure communications.


– Are meals included? How many?

Siena is an all-inclusive program, which means 3 meals a day are provided. During the week, students eat breakfast and dinner with their host families, while lunch is provided at a caffè and restaurant near the school. On the weekends, students are provided 3 meals a day with their host families. When students travel independently, they are responsible for all meals. 

In Brussels, breakfast and dinner are included in the host family. Lunches are provided by the host family on the weekends, while during the week students must have lunch independently.


– What is Siena, Italy most well-known for (food or sites)?


– Am I able to fly into a different airport?

Student pick-up is arranged at the Pisa airport on arrivals day. However, students are free to fly in or out of any airport they choose. Students arriving at different airport are responsible for arriving in Siena on their own (but SIS Staff will send out detailed instructions on how to get to Siena from whichever airport they are coming from).


– Is Siena a safe city?

Yes! Siena is consistently ranked among the safest cities in Italy.