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What should I Pack?

Packing depends on what term you’re studying abroad, but some general tips apply year-round: comfortable walking shoes, bathing suit, any personal hygiene products you can’t live without (all typical personal hygiene products are easily available in stores here in Siena, but just not necessarily the brands you may be used to).

It is always a good idea to bring flip-flops/slippers or house shoes to wear indoors in your host-family’s home, as floors can be quite cold and it is not customary to go barefoot.


September and October are usually beautiful, warm months, while November and December can be chilly and rainy – bring a warm coat that is good for walking in the cold and rain.

January and February are cold – bring a warm coat that is good for walking in the cold and rain. The spring months alternate both warm and sunny with cool and rainy, so dressing in layers and being ready for all kinds of weather is important. April and May are generally very pleasant.

Summers in Italy are generally hot, so cool clothing is a must. Most homes in Italy do not have air conditioning. Rainstorms can come and go unexpectedly, so a light jacket or umbrella is good to always have on hand.