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Spring 2022 Semester in Siena, Italy

A truly authentic study abroad experience.

SIS Intercultural Study Abroad.

✅ Earn college credit, no matter what your major!

Explore the wide array of academic opportunities that we offer to all of our students.  There are even courses for STEM majors!  Click to browse our course offerings for Spring 2022.

✅ Live with a wonderful host family.

Your Italian host family will provide you with a home away from home while giving you in inside view on what Italian life and culture are really like. Click to read more about our host families.

✅ Actually learn Italian by using what you get in the classroom on a daily basis.

Your classes are only the tip of the cultural and linguistic iceberg.  Everyday you will have opportunities to experience new things and use what you’ve learned.  Click to learn more about our innovative approach to language instruction.

✅ Participate in the local community.

Above all, SIS Intercultural Study Abroad is proud to give back to the city of Siena through Service-Learning.  In Siena, Every student can participate in more than one enriching volunteer activity alongside locals.  Click to see what you can do this spring. 

Contact us at or begin your application now by clicking HERE.