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Course Lists

Siena, Italy Spring/Fall

Our course descriptions are divided in to five basic course categories. Please note that actual course offerings vary each semester based on student demand.

All students are required to take Italian Language, the Intercultural Dialogue and Reflection course and 2-3 content courses depending on home institution requirements.

Semester Course Descriptions

Scientific Track Course Descriptions in Siena

Siena, Italy Summer

Summer is a more intense, concentrated program with a reduced course list. All Summer Program students are required to take Italian Language, the  Intercultural Dialogue and Reflection course and 1-2 content courses depending on the length of the program.

Summer Course Descriptions


Multi Destination 


SIS Intercultural Study Abroad’s Siena-Brussels Multi-Destination Internship program allows students to gain a deep and lasting understanding of the diverse European social, linguistic and cultural realities and identities. 

Siena – Brussels Courses


Siena – Yaoundè

SIS Intercultural Study Abroad’s Siena-Yaoundé Multi-Destination Internship and Service program was designed to provide students with a study abroad opportunity that engages students in two distinctly different cultural contexts. Students will get to enjoy both Siena, a Medieval European city in the heart of Tuscany, and Yaoundé, Cameroon’s vibrant capital city. 

Siena – Yaoundè Courses


Siena – Chiang Mai

Coming soon