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Mini-Lessons in Italian

Mini-Lessons: Italian Language and Culture

Do you already speak some Italian?  Would you like to meet our professors?  Well, here are some mini-lessons for you!  Listen and watch our professors talk about Italian culture and the Italian language in these short videos.  Click on the .pdf’s to download the text to follow along!

Listen to SIS Intercultural Study Abroad Italian Professor Alice Vannucci talk about Italian proverbs and figures of speech.

Download text:
Proverbi e modi di dire.docx

Listen and watch Italian Professor Alice Vannucci explain the common Italian saying “Conoscere i propri polli” that translates to “know your chickens” in English.

Download text:
Conoscere i propri polli

Practice your Italian by listening to Italian professor and intercultural expert, Fiora Biagi talk about some fascinating Arabic influences in the Italian language.

Download text:


Listen to Professor Antonella Filippone explain the Italian institution l’Accademia della Crusca that is dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the Italian language itself.

Download text:

L’Accademia della Crusca PRIMO VIDEO.docx

What makes an Italian word and official Italian word? Listen and watch Prof. Antonella Filippone talk about the answer to this question and learn more about the Vocabolario dell’Accademia della Crusca.