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Resources For Current Students

Resources For Current Students


Siena, Italy

Interactive map (google maps). We created this map specifically for students in Siena to be able to get around and do things in the city.  Make the most of your study abroad experience in Siena by exploring everything that we have to offer here!

Follow this link to the map! 
Map Link

Useful Links

SIS Intercultural Study Abroad staff is always ready to help you for anything and everything while you are with us in Siena.  You are always welcome to come talk with us, but we also put together this list of some links that you may find useful in order to make the best out of your experience.

Updated Activities and news
Enjoy Siena

Siena Comunica

Local news and Events

Siena News

Select “Urbano” for the servizio and then Siena for both territorio and citta

Search local bus schedules

There’s so much to see in Italy!   You can organize day trips or longer ones.  Here are some important links for traveling from Siena and within Italy.
Trains to anywhere from Siena

High-Speed trains from major cities (Firenze, Roma, Milano, Napoli, Bologna)

Le Frecce

Italo Treno

Busses from Siena to nearby towns


Busses from Siena to major cities in Italy


Here are some of the beautiful towns surrounding Siena that are ideal for a day trip.  Consult this website for bus transportation:  Tiemme
Montalcino – Home to the world famous Brunello di Montalcino red wine.

Pienza– Home to some of Italy’s best Pecorino (sheep cheese).

Montepulciano – Famous for the red wine known as Nobile di Montepulciano.

San Gimignano – Also known as the Medieval Manhattan because of its large number of towers.

Small Towns in Chianti Region – The famous wine region to the north of Siena.

Castellina in Chianti 

Radda in Chianti

Gaiole in Chianti


Here are some of the major attractions in Tuscany.  Great for day trips or overnight visits.  There is a lot to see!  Consult busses or trains from Siena.


Updated activities and events in Firenze

Museums: Gli Uffizzi, L’Accademia, Il Duomo

Restaurants: Italian Tapas, Quattro Leoni, La Giostra, Il Latini, Mercato Centrale

Concerts: Nelson Mandela Forum, FLOG


Museums: Torre di Pisa, Palazzo Blu

Restaurants: Numero 11, Al Signor Mimmo, Il Montino,

Other Cities in Tuscany  (click for general info)



Castiglione Della Pescaia (Beach!)

While it doesn’t get more authentic than the home-cooked meals with your host family, Siena has some wonderful restaurants.  The list of excellent restaurants below is comprised of SIS staff favorites and includes a range in price.  We haven’t listed the more expensive restaurants in Siena, considering the average student budget.

La Sosta di Violante

Osteria Del Gatto

Il Carroccio

La Cricca

Il Rialto

L’Orto De Pecci

Il Boccon Del Prete

L’Osteria Del Buongoverno

Trattoria Fonte Giusta

Il Pomodorino (Pizza)

Nonno Mede (Pizza)

La Prosciutteria: crudi e bollicine

Spadaforte (pizza)

Il Bandierino (pizza)

Osteria Papei

Osteria Bigelli

Osteria il Bargello

Da Trombicche

Le Scalette (pizza)

  • Aperitivo in Italian refers to an early evening drink served with some light food. There are a lot of great places to try an aperitivo.

Bottega Roots Siena

Meet Life Cafe

I Parolai



La Favorita

Il Palio

Bar manganelli

Cor Magis

Bar Philadelphia

Bar Impero

SIS organizes plenty of activities and tours during semester and summer sessions, but you’ll definitely have enough free time to explore your personal interests.  Taking more cooking lessons or getting a guide for a wine tour are great ways to make the best of your free time.

Cooking Lessons

La Scuola di Cucina di Lella

Tour Companies

Tuscany Escapes

Private Guides

Mganga Mganghista (Also a partner with SIS for service work with refugees)

Federica Fiscaletti

Wine is not just a drink that is paired with food in Tuscany.  It is an integral part of the local culture and history.  SIS will organize at least one wine tasting for every group, but you may want to visit some wineries on your own.  Many of these wineries are not easy to get to with public transportation.  We would suggest that you contact one of our recommended tour operators or guides to set up a tour.

Wineries near Siena

Castello di Brolio



Castello di Meleto

Fattoria Montecchio



Wine Tasting in Siena

Tuscan Wine School

Brussels, Belgium

Useful Links

museum of migration ( )

– Africa museum : (

– magritte museum :

– bozar : 

– natural sciences museum :

– musical instruments museum : 

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