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In Class Activities

In-Class Activities

All classes facilitate several activities that directly involve students, stimulate their motivation and improve their knowledge. Students study in a friendly environment and in small classes, always supported by teachers; they cooperate in group work and help each other in order to integrate their different linguistic skills.

Italian Class

Alongside the study of traditional linguistic skills (listening, speaking, writing and reading) students are involved in several activities in-class and outside class, always guided and supervised by teachers and tutors and aimed at reinforcing their learning of the Italian language.

Students play games, watch Italian movies, work together in comprehension activities and share their opinions reflecting on some cultural components of Italian society; they listen to Italian songs analyzing vocabulary, pronunciation and cultural aspects; they are asked to prepare oral presentations on different topics concerning Italy; and they learn specific vocabulary for their service activities.

In-class activities are integrated with visits to museums, excursions, and treasure hunts, that aim at improving students’ linguistic skills  through carefully designed tasks and allow them to get in contact with the local environment.

Content Courses

Students learn about different fields, such as Art, History, Cuisine, Linguistics, Society, Economics and Science through the use of several kinds of materials and tools: texts, videos, audio recordings, reading activities, and films. They are requested to actively participate in class, including preparation of oral presentations and written essays on given topics.

Outside activities are also provided, facilitating learning from in-class lessons: excursions, visits to museums and other course-related places, as well as wine and local product tastings.