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What is Service-Learning And Why You Should Get Involved This Spring?

What is Service-Learning?  

The best way to think about Service-Learning is to imagine combining approaches to learning.   First, you learn through meaningful volunteer work in a community.  However, you also learn more through your academic studies. What you get in the end is a deeper knowledge!

How does SIS combine Service-Learning with your study abroad experience?

SIS has been a pioneer in Service-Learning in Italy since 2004.   We want our students to be participants in local society.  In class we give them the tools they need to be able to communicate and understand the culture that surrounds them. Then, through our service partnerships, students get to actually use what they learn in class while working alongside locals.

What kind of service activities are offered for the upcoming spring and summer 2022 programs?

Take a look at all of the places where you can be involved.  We actually encourage students to participate in more than one activity!

Semester Service Opportunities

Summer Service Opportunities


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