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Cricket in Siena!

We humans like to move around.  Sometimes we visit new places because we’re curious.  Other times we move from one place to another because certain conditions force us to do so.  Whatever the reasons, throughout history we can see so many examples of people moving from one place to another.  When we move, we bring our culture with us and at the same time, we are exposed to new cultures.  It’s only natural that things eventually blend together.

Recently, we’ve been posting a lot about our Home 4 The World service-learning project where students from US universities are in regular contact with migrants from various countries.  The majority of the migrants that are currently in Siena are from Pakistan.  Through our interactions we have learned that Pakistanis LOVE Cricket.  Often during Italian lessons or during the intercultural discussions some of the Pakistani individuals want to talk about Cricket.  The conversations about are often very one-sided as none of our American students nor any of our local staff have any knowledge at all about the sport.

Even though it took a while to organize, in typical SIS fashion, we organized a game to experience and learn about each other’s culture together!  Who knows… years from now there might be a famous Cricket team in Siena, Italy!

Enjoy some these pics!

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