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Study Abroad Summer Options in Siena, Italy

Amaze yourself this summer in Siena, Italy!

Discover all of the details here!

Are you curious about what else lies out there in the world?  It’s time to start discovering once again.  Maybe you’ve never heard of Siena, Italy.  It is one of Italy’s most beautiful and historically important cities and you have an opportunity to live in it!

SIS Intercultural Study Abroad will help you experience Italian culture through courses, service and organized trips.

SIS Intercultural Study Abroad, a program created right here in Siena can provide you with an enriching experience while also providing university credits.  We have a full catalog of courses for the summer appropriate for a wide range of students.  Whether you are a science major or you study history, there’s something for everyone.

Study Abroad Immersion – Host Families and Service

You will experience local culture in a unique and profound way. SIS works very hard to ensure that each student gets the opportunity to live with a wonderful host family.  Our families are painstakingly selected and they are all eager to open their homes and hearts for our students.  See for yourself what some former students say about their host families!


Each student will also have the unique opportunity to work alongside locals through a variety of service opportunities.  SIS Intercultural Study Abroad has developed working relationships with local volunteers organizations for more than a decade.  You’ll discover so much more about local culture when you are literally working within it!




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