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Multi-Destination Semester Siena/Yaoundè

We’re accepting applications for Fall and Spring Multi-Destination programs in Siena (Italy) and Yaoundè (Cameroon)!

It’s time to start thinking about your next steps.  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do? Who do you want to be?  A study abroad experience can be one of the most impactful ways to use your limited time at university.  Of course, not all opportunities are the same.  Discover why SIS Intercultural Study Abroad’s multi-destination programs can offer you so much more than everything else that’s out there.

Multi-Destination: What is it and why go?

At SIS we have been creating meaningful study abroad programs for students for more than ten years.  We understand the importance of true intercultural experiences and how quality programs can have long lasting impact.  Through our knowledge gained in Siena, Italy we are branching out and helping our students see with their own eyes, the interconnectedness of our world.  Students will profoundly experience two realities through coursework, host families, cultural activities and internships.  Learn more about the specific offerings!

Real collaboration with an African nation

Cameroon has  been defined as an “ethnic crossroads” because of its more than 200 different ethnic groups. There are three main linguistic families:  Bantu, Sudanic and Semi-Bantu situated in different areas of the country.  European missions and colonization led to the introduction of European languages: German during the colonial era and English and French later, which are still the official languages of the country.  While the relationships between Europe and African nations has tragic histories, there are indeed flourishing, forward-thinking collaborations taking place right now.  Our students can be a part of something positive!

A connection between SIS and Yaoundé was created through years of collaboration and various service-oriented projects.There is a lively Cameroonian community in Siena that has allowed for SIS to bridge the two locations and create lasting relations. With the right support and logistics a study abroad experience in Yaoundé can be enriching beyond words.