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How do you remember your time in Siena with SIS?  What are the memories that you keep from that time?  Maybe you find yourself daydreaming about those daily walks through the wandering medieval streets.  Perhaps you long for those home-cooked Tuscan meals.  Well, Siena is still here and so is SIS!  We would love to have you back to Siena.  How amazing would it be to gain a new perspective on Siena, SIS, and on how your lives have evolved?

This could be you back in the cool mediterranean under that Tuscan sun!

Our team has worked hard to create a number of new experiences with alumni in mind.  While your enjoyment and pleasure will be at the center of our attention, education and new discoveries are our goals for these trips.  Among the experiences that we’ll organize, we’ll be leading you through reflections on your new experience.

In order to facilitate these educational vacations SIS Intercultural Study Abroad will  be working with noveculturaeventures, a creation by Mike, Roni and Eliza of SIS in order to extend their intercultural knowledge to the world, reaching beyond that of study abroad students.  We’d love to know what you think.  Write to us and we’ll get back to you quickly with information so that we can create the best experience for you!  Follow this link to start a conversation  or take a look at these current opportunities.

* Do you want to travel in Italy before a program starts or after it ends?  Let us know so we can help you make plans and reservations for your own personal travel outside of these itineraries.


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